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Most of Jesus theological debates happed in private with Nicodemus, with the disciples at the last supper, day by day HE was with the people the ordinary people, sharing the Good News (absolutely brilliant news) in a way that connected with them, touch, presence and words of explanation – parables!

If He was persecuted so in one form or another we will be too Jesus tells us.

As Cpl Jones would say ‘Don’t panic’ Jesus assures us we are not to panic as everything for eternity is safe, all the important things in life are secure. Live life God’s way not the worlds, have His priorities, people and love not things and possessions (EM-W) Don’t cling to this world and its stuff, but to God and His love

For He loves you so much that he numbers – one at a time the hairs on your head, knows when a sparrow dies, provides for us day by day – not that that means we will not have struggles, times when we can’t grasp what He is doing,

How big is your God? Only large things important or all things?

If we know He loves us then at times when we can’t fathom what is happening in our own world or the whole world – trust that He loves us. For sure some who don’t will/are doing heinous things – such is the Love of God that He has to allow freewill. So, we have events we cannot fathom.

 For Satan is a terrorist seeking to divide and conquer.

So there will be problems families will not all agree, but and this is I guess the really vital part of the reading,

Love God – first heart mind soul Seek His Kingdom first everything else added

Love more than parents and children seems harsh at first sight!

But seeing God’s love for us knows the number of hairs on our head each day - each moment, if we abide in His love He abides in us and we then love with His love and love those we love not just with our love but with His which is surely the best way we can.