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His life would not have borne the fruit He came to bring if He had stopped there, He came to do more than stand up to Satan, He came to defeat Him, to give us life, to restore the relationship that we see in Scripture is symbolically lost by Adam and Eve. (not as one writer suggested Eve alone!!) Lost by people wanting their own way rather than God’s.

Had Jesus decided to do it for Himself we would not be here and would be in an eternal mess to put it mildly. ‘Father save me from this hour?’ ‘No this is the reason I came, to give glory to God and life to His children, my brothers and sisters.’

“I when I am lifted up will draw all people to me” just as when the serpents attacked those on the exodus Moses made a model of a snake and lifted it and all who looked upon it were healed. (the BMA symbol!)

Jesus once lifted on the cross gives life – eternal life – to all who come to Him. Jesus looked beyond the cross to the glory of the resurrection – he has already told His disciples why He is coming to Jerusalem, to die and to be raised on the third day – Jesus seeks the greater glory of God in and through His life and calls us to do the same to look outside our own seed and see what it is I can do for Jesus, how my seed planted by Him in His world among His people can bring life and hope to others.

Just like Jesus we are called not to live for ‘me’ but to live with and for God and to live His way not my way!

Let us prayerfully use this Passiontide and particularly Holy Week with Christ so we might see more clearly His love and know how He wants us to live with Him and for Him in the coming days and weeks and months.