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The Magi returned without revisiting Herod

They are an example to us, these Magi

Allowing God to speak into our lives – not necessarily a star! Events, people, scripture

Allowing this to take us out of our comfort zone to find and follow Jesus. Not necessarily 2 years on a camel!

To bring to Christ the gifts we have to offer. Something of our ‘wealth’, something of our spiritual life, something of our future.

Once given, once we accept Jesus as our Lord and Saviour, we recognise the rewards as did the Magi, we look at life differently, see that worldly importance does not always correspond with God’s importance.

Don’t go back to Herod, don’t go back to the world and its ways, travel on by God’s route into the future.

These Magi, came to worship the new born King, in so doing to offer their lives and allegiance.

The wise men brought gifts and worshiped Jesus for who he was. This is the essence of true worship—honouring Christ for who he is and being willing to give him what is valuable to you. Worship God because he is the perfect, just, and almighty Creator of the universe, worthy of the best you have to give.
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AS we enter 2018 may we resolve to be like those Magi, giving of self, more fully to Jesus giving of self, more fully in all areas of our life, offering to God His worth  - our worship and our life that we may ‘follow Him more nearly love Him more nearly and see Him more clearly’  (Richard of Chichester).