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stand out from the crowd, not wanting to toe the Kingly party line. We don’t really know the motivation – The King being God ……

Again, Jesus uses familiar Old Testament imagery – outer darkness and gnashing of teeth. Making choices that take the person away from God’s eternal presence.

Not all who are invited will respond there will be those who seek their own path rather than the path of the King and His Son.

“Not everyone who says Lord, Lord will enter into the Kingdom, but those who do the will of my Father” Jesus reminds us.

It is not about who we are, it is not about our invitation and acceptance of it, it is how we respond to that invitation.

We can outright reject it as the original guests did

We can accept it yet reject it by not ‘wearing the right clothes’ not robing ourselves in that which God provides, both in Christ and in and through the gifts and fruits and talents offered to us by the Holy Spirit.

In our time it is about how we choose to respond to the teaching and guidance of Jesus, will we seek to follow His Way, in His Truth seeking to live His Life, wearing the clothes, the robes he offers us, or will we do it our way.

Will we accept His invitation, will we seek to ‘dress for the occasion’ i.e. will we know Jesus and His will well enough, accept His grace, or try and do it in and on our own strength, do it my way rather than His – as that one guest did.

We are invited to the wedding feast of the Son – we are the Bride of Christ as His Church, we are the love of His life, both as Church and individual, this is the intimacy of relationship God desires for us to have with Him. The lover seeks that which is best for the loved, God does that for us and we should do that for Him rather than dress ourselves as we please as did that guest. IF we love our Lord, we will dress for Him, in and with and through our lives, for surely He is the love of our life as we are of His.