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Times and Places

St Bride

1st Sunday only
08:00 Said Eucharist

10:30 Informal Worship

2nd.3rd.4th  Sundays

10:30 Sung Eucharist
2nd/4th with worship band

5th Sunday United worship
see below for location

St David

10:00 Holy Eucharist
1st with worship band

2nd Sunday only

10:00 Informal Worship

5th Sunday United worship see below for location

St John

09:00 Sung Eucharist

5th Sunday United worship see below for location

5th Sunday  and Joint Services always at 10

Dec 31st St John’s

Worship and events in the week

     08:00 Morning Prayer St Bride

       08:00 Morning Prayer St Bride
       10:00 Holy Eucharist St Bride
       17:00 LOG+ Evening Prayer St Bride
       13:30 Mothers’ Union St Bride

       08:00 Morning Prayer St Bride
       09:15 Tea Toast & Chat St David
                  also Foodbank- 9:15 - 11:00   
     19:00  Prayer Group St Bride followed  
     19:30  What on earth is the Bible saying  

       08:00  Church Leaders Pray  St Bride

     10:00 Holy Eucharist St John
      19:00 Band  St Bride
      PCC Jan/Mar/May/July/Sept/Nov  
                   in churches as announced  

10th December at 7.00pm Young Farmers Carols in Bettws

Friday 15th Civic carols at Sarn Community

Centre at 7pm

16th Walk of Witness from Bethlehem to

Nazareth stopping at Treetops

17th Mince pies, mulled wine & Carols

St Bride’s 6pm

20th Carols in St Roberts 6.30pm

Christmas Eve Christingle St David’s 4pm

Midnight Eucharist St Bride’s 11.30pm

Christmas Day 9am St John’s Eucharist

10am St David’s, Christmas Eucharist

31st Joint Service in St John’s 10am