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Sermon continued

Hero to Zero

Context is everything!

IN the previous verses Jesus has taken his disciples to Caesarea Philippi away from the crowds

Who do people say I am?.....Elijah a prophet John Baptist

Who do you say I am?...... The Christ God’s anointed one

How blessed are you Peter this is God’s revelation.

This is happening on a journey very often Rabbi and disciples walked and talked

Having had this revelation and warned them not to tell anyone. Jesus goes on to explain what is going to happen. In Marks’ Gospel we now head towards Jerusalem here he sets the scene for what will happen there.

To the disciples this is unthinkable, for at least a couple of reasons.

They don’t want this to happen to Jesus they love Him want to protect Him

This is not what the large part of their teaching and scriptures tell them about Messiah. There are some parts Isaiah 53 for instance which talk of a suffering Messiah but the teaching of the faith was based on the glorious re-establishment of an earthly kingdom.

Peter – chosen by Jesus to lead – takes Him on one side. Rebuke – reprimand – protest. Jesus you must not think like that.

Peter y must not think like that! He looks at all the disciples. You are thinking like man not God!  DO not tempt me away from the path – as Satan tried in the wilderness. Do not be like Him. Stop thinking of self.

Jesus then goes on to talk about denying self and choosing God’s way.

Self-denial and denying self are not the same thing. Self-denial is the kind of giving up chocolate for lent stuff. The making space for God in lent things we do.

Denying self, is putting self and wants second and God and His plans first.

Deny yourself, take up your cross. Taking up the cross was something serious criminals in the Roman Empire had to do as they were executed. They carried – as did Jesus - their cross to the place of