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Choices – one seed or many!

Passion Sunday – the day in Lent we turn our thoughts from temptation to salvation, from what we must resist to how we can be born into eternal life.

The Gentiles – who are searchers after truth as they come to Jewish feasts – seek to have a conversation with Jesus. We never really find out if they do, but perhaps Jesus words to a larger crowd are prompted by their request.

Gentiles at or just after His birth and here just before His death – Christ the Messiah came for all people not just some, for Gentile as well as Jew.

Jesus foretells His death but looks beyond that looks to the reason and the ultimate triumph. No He is human He does not want to face the cross, but He does not say what shall I do, but what shall I say I came here to achieve this for this ‘hour’ time, I came for this purpose. To ‘be planted’ as a seed, for a seed not planted bears no fruit. The seed has to die that new life might be born and flourish. That new seeds might be made, that the kernel does not remain just that but flourishes into a plant growing developing and itself bearing fruit.

Jesus came to be planted! Jesus came to bear fruit and His desire is that we too bear fruit, so we too have to die to self and allow our lives in God’s care to be planted as and when and where He wills, so we too might bear fruit, our seed might produce other seeds.

Jesus came that we might have life and have it in all its fullness and abundance (John 10.10) but for that to happen He has to defeat sin the world and the devil who is prince of this world.

Jesus resisted temptation – not just in the wilderness, but day in day out of His life, even from His disciples, “Get behind me Satan” (to Peter)

Sermon continued