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Invitations and answers

How wedding invitations and changed over time.

For us – Invite months in advance just the one invite dress yourself!

IN Jesus time the initial invite timescale quite probably like ours, but by messenger not snail mail or email or facebook!!

Then at the time a servant would go and say today’s the day the time is now

One other difference too, the wedding clothes would be provided. Quite possibly from the sound of this parable at the venue!

Jesus is talking at the time to the Jewish hierarchy, they have rejected John the Baptist, previously the prophets also and now rejecting Jesus.

This parable would appear to be about God inviting people to the marriage of His Son – the Church being the Bride as the New Testament updates the Jewish Old Testament tradition that the nation was the Bride of Yahweh – God.

SO there is tradition to which Jesus is appealing about the relationship of God and His people and the intimacy of it. Marriage is an incredibly intimate relationship that is how we are to relate to Jesus – to God!

The religious leaders do not, cannot see Jesus as their Messiah too many preconceived, misconceived thoughts and ideas out of their history.

Jesus uses the terminology and imagery that they were familiar with, Old Testament judgemental God to warn them that their rejection would not end well, to put it mildly!

It is those the authorities look down their noses at who will be invited instead, those out in the highways and byways the good and the bad.

They will be provided with clothes so none will look or feel out of place, none will be marked out as odd, different, poor. All will be seen as equal in the presence of the King

BUT there is this one guest – who, for whatever reason refuses the clothes. Making a statement, seeking to

Sermon continued